Woman pressing hologramDrs. Daniel K. Monday, Stephen P. Graziani and John M. Falbo, along with our team members, use the latest dental technology in our state-of-the-art dental offices in Charleston and Hurricane, West Virginia. Our dentists and team members are all trained in using this dental technology to provide our patients with the most advanced dental diagnostic tools in the safest way possible to give them the best quality dental care available. Our dental technology includes the KaVo CBCT scanner, Anatomage Invivo 6 3D rendering software, Gendex digital x-rays, Diode dental lasers and intraoral cameras. All are available to help our team properly diagnosis and treatment plan whatever dental needs you may have. Call our offices today at 304-343-1216 to schedule an appointment today.

KaVo CBCT Scanner

KaVo CBCT scanner
  • Our KaVo CBCT Scanner is one of the most useful and powerful pieces of technology used in the dental industry today.
  • The human body is a 3D space, and our CT allows us to view images both in 2D and 3D. We aren’t limited to using only x-rays to determine a treatment plan for our patients, and best of all we have eliminated referrals to medical locations for patients who require a CT scan.
  • This machine provides our doctors with a detailed image and enables them to see exact bone structure and nerves to diagnose things we could never see before. Again, it is a 3D image, and thanks to our Anatomage software, we are able to manipulate and move the images for a better view of the structures of our patient’s mouth.
  • We use our KaVo CBCT Scanner for determining the bone structure of implant patients as well as precision placement of the implant, diagnosing abscesses, cracks and for wisdom teeth extractions.

Anatomage Invivo6

Invivo 3d image of a jaw bone
  • Anatomage Invivo6 is a 3D rendering software that can use con-beam CT, CT, MRI and other scans to create a model of your teeth and jaw.
  • It helps our dentists to plan the safest and most effective places for your implants. It is an exciting tool that helps us find the ideal treatment plan for our patients.

Digital X-Rays

Monitor showing x-ray of teeth
  • Digital X-Rays are the most popular technology being used to diagnose dental needs and treatment plan dental care.
  • Radiation to the patient is reduced up to 95% compared to the old film-based x-rays.
  • By using Digital X-Rays, we no longer have to wait for our x-rays to run through a developer. They are done through an electronic sensor and sent directly to our computer.
  • X-Rays are also done chair side, rather than moving our patients around the office.
  • We can look at the patient x-rays on a large computer monitor near the patient chair. This aids our dentists in treatment, and also involves the patient by allowing them to view as well.
  • Our VixWin Software enables our doctors to view radiographs with high resolution, which in turn allows for earlier diagnosis and ability to treat issues before they become more extensive.

Diode Laser

Diode Laser
  • The Diode laser has become the most commonly utilized laser in dentistry.
  • Diode lasers are used on soft tissue only.
  • Diode lasers have many advantages over traditional surgical and therapeutic techniques including less pain, faster healing times and better results.
  • Commonly performed procedures using the Diode laser:
    • Gingival Contouring
    • Pocket Disinfection
    • Crown lengthening
    • Teeth Whitening

Intraoral Cameras

Intraoral Camera
  • An intraoral camera is a small, pen-shaped device that we use to take high-quality color photos of your teeth and gums.
  • This tool allows us to see angles in your mouth that we cannot easily view with the unaided eye.
  • It can be used to better evaluate your oral health and identify problems such as tooth decay, periodontal disease or tooth damage.
  • The images can be shown to you, our patient, in order to help you better understand your oral health and treatment.

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