Superior Smiles Include Toothache Treatments

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Did you know that a toothache could be linked to numerous oral health ailments? It could be an infected tooth caused by tooth decay, periodontal disease, a cracked tooth, or other risk factors and forms of dental damage. If your tooth is damaged, and your enamel has been breached, bacteria can enter a tooth and lead to pulp infection and death. To help stay ahead of the curve, always look for risk factors and symptoms of toothaches.

Always look for visual clues to determine if a toothache is present. This can be any symptoms of pus or discharge around a tooth or swelling in your face that has resulted in an abscess. In addition, if you notice any high fevers, facial rashes, or chills that cannot be explained or treated,  a toothache may be the cause.

Numerous risk factors for toothaches include TMJ disorders and oral accidents and injuries. Furthermore, when your wisdom teeth erupt and cause inflammation, there is a chance that a toothache could be present.

If you’re taking over the counter medications and you continue to feel pain, it could be related to a toothache. Furthermore, if you continue to experience pain after a tooth extraction that lasts longer than 24 hours, a toothache may be the cause.

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