We Offer Periodontal Treatment to Treat Your Gingivitis

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Are you embarrassed because you are experiencing persistent halitosis? Is tooth sensitivity keeping you from enjoying your favorite hot or cold beverages? If you are noticing that your gums are tender, swollen, red or bleeding, then you may have the early stage of gum disease known as gingivitis. Gingivitis can crop up due to the following factors:

• Poor oral hygiene habits that set the stage for the accumulation of bacterial plaque.
• Regularly using tobacco.
• Taking medications, including those for treating seizures or high blood pressure.
• Fluctuations or changes in hormones in women or girls.
• Having a chronic disease or illness such as diabetes, and the treatments related to cancer and HIV.

When bacterial plaque builds up around the base of the teeth and hardens into tartar, resulting in irritation to the gums.This can cause pockets to develop in the gums harboring even more bacterial plaque, further increasing irritation and inflammation of the tissue.

When gingivitis is treated early is is usually reversible. But left untreated, and as it advances unchecked, it will worsen. Over time, you are vulnerable to periodontitis as the gums suffer from this serious infection and you can end up with jawbone loss and tooth loss.

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